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Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Course in Angola

Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing course was held in Angola from April 11th to 13th, conducted by Mr. Rui Carapeto from Altairdynamic Consulting, who was invited for this purpose to come to Luanda by Casa de Câmbios Sukulíder.

This course responds to the training compliance requirements as set forth by the National Bank of Angola for the financial entities and follows the best practices recommended by GAFI under this scope.

In addition to the participation of Sukulíder employees, other guests included officials from the National Bank of Angola, private banking, Home Office as well as representatives from other Exchange Offices operating in the national market, for the purpose of furthering and enhacing their knowledge concerning the applicable laws on Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

This was the first training initiative from a private enterprise, Sukulíder Casa de Câmbios, with a second course set out to start soon, that will tackle in more detail the implementation of a AML Prevention program, and will be focused in creating a Risk Assessment Guide – KYC for this type of financing institutions.

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