Air traffic up during first seven months of 2013

According to national airport management company ANA, the overall traffic passing through Portugal’s airports between January and July this year grew by almost four percent, in comparison to the same period of 2012.
ANA’s figures show that close to 18 million passengers passed through Portuguese airports during the first seven months of 2013.
Should this pace be maintained, that figure could reach 30 million passengers by the end of this year.
To be exact, airport traffic grew by 3.9 percent from January-July 2013, in comparison to the same period of the previous year.

According to newspaper Diário Económico, during that period of this year, 17.9 million passengers were processed by one of the airports now controlled by the French Vinci group, who bought out ANA during the privatisation process.

Vinci manages Lisbon’s Portela, Sá Carneiro (Oporto), Faro (Algarve), Madeira and the Açores.
During the same period of last year the airports processed 17.3 million passengers.
The trend for passenger growth was confirmed last month, when a growth of 4 percent was registered in comparison to July 2012.

During July 2013 ANA’s airports processed close to 3.6 million passengers, in comparison to the 3.46 passengers who passed through the July before.

Source: ThePortugalNews